Community Strengthening

/Community Strengthening

cuuminty2CAPCA operates in communities where majority of the people are smallholder farmers with small land acreages ranging between 2- 5 acres. A number of farmers are generally tilling their available acreage for subsistence agriculture. In some areas farmers are organized in weak community organizations yet in some areas they are not well organized. There are also youths that are jobless and redundant.

CAPCA builds organisation capacity of community/ farmers’ organizations from village level upwards to enable members take charge of the destines. Currently CAPCA supports farmers to develop farmers’ cooperatives that can pursue business for the benefit of farmers. A gender perspective is taken care of where women and the youth are nurtured take active part in the governance and activities of farmers’ organizations. CAPCA also provides capacity building of community members to empower them with knowledge and skills that can enable them to participate in development activities to sustain their lives. Some of the activities include agricultural production for food and income security, other income generating activities as well as basic health that supports livelihoods.