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Post: Head of Monitoring and Evaluation

Uganda Governance and Poverty Alleviation Program

  1. Background

The Uganda Governance and Poverty Alleviation Program (UGOPAP) is a country program implemented by four partners namely: Caritas Uganda (CU), the Community Integrated Development Initiatives (CIDI), the Eastern Archdiocesan Development Network (EADEN) and the Central Archdiocesan Province Caritas Association (CAPCA) with funding from DANIDA through Caritas Denmark since 2001. The program operates in 15 districts of Central and Eastern parts of Uganda, serving 11,893 households, 412 farmer groups, 9 farmer associations, and 32 cooperatives.

The overall objective of the program is to achieve inclusive sustainable development through strengthening rural civil society. The specific objectives of the program include:

  1. Strengthening joint initiatives by farmer organisations in supporting member households to attain food security and sustainable livelihood;

  2. Strengthening capacity of the local farmer organisations and their networks to pursue advocacy initiatives for improved livelihoods and access to basic rights;

  3. Advocating for improved policy environment at all levels of government for better service delivery to smallholder farmers and youth.

The partners operate in a semi- autonomous manner (each serving a designated area of operation) and working towards achieving the program goal. The program has a top level technical committee called the ‘Program Management Committee’ (PMC) made up of representatives from the four UGOPAP partners. The PMC is responsible for coordinating the program, giving strategic direction to the program and playing an oversight role. The PMC works hand in hand with Caritas Denmark to ensure that the program achieves her intended goal. UGOPAP has an advocacy platform, called the Uganda Farmers’ Common Voice Platform (UFCVP) hosted by Caritas Uganda, responsible for pursuing advocacy at national level, intended for promoting rights of small holder farmers in order to facilitate rural development. In addition, UGOPAP has a National Youth Advocacy Platform (NYAP) hosted by CIDI, responsible for facilitating creation of a conducive environment for participation of youths in development initiatives.

UGOPAP is recruiting a Head of Monitoring and Evaluation. The officer will work with the PMC Office currently located at Caritas Uganda, Nsambya – Kampala. He / She will be responsible for overall coordination of the Monitoring Evaluation and Learning function of the program. He or she will be required to visit the UGOPAP implementing partners according to the approved work plan and whenever need arises. The Head of Monitoring and Evaluation will report to the PMC Coordinator, under the supervision of the PMC.

  1. Specific Roles and Responsibilities

  1. Consolidate, analyze, and compile informative, high quality quarterly, semi – annual and annual program progress reports, in collaboration with the partners.

  2. Coordinate program annual data collection in relation to the program indicators and prepare high quality, evidence –based, well analyzed, informative reports for the PMC and other stakeholders during the Annual Review Meeting.

  3. Develop Data Quality Plan for the program

  4. Coordinate the development of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) as required in the Monitoring Evaluation and Learning (MEL) Plan.

  5. Conduct Routine Monitoring visits to partners/ agencies.

  6. Coordinate and organize meetings with the M&E team and follow up MEL Plan to ensure that the milestones are achieved.

  7. Oversee and improve the indicator performance tracking system in order to ensure the programme is on track.

  8. Coordinate the usage of the Management Information Systems (MIS) at Agency, Partner and Program levels to ensure that the system meets the needs of the program.

  9. Maintain a Central Management Information System which links up the data from the partner MIS.

  10. Assist the UGOPAP advocacy platforms (UFCVP and NYAP) to generate high quality evidence –based reports for advocacy.

  11. Ensure proper documentation of the program results and achievements. He / She should be able develop and manage publications that demonstrate UGOPAP results in form of Newsletters, brochures, reports, success stories, video stories and other IECs

  12. Should maintain an active and regularly updated UGOPAP website to ensure visibility of the Program.

  1. Qualifications

The Head of M&E will be recruited competitively and should have the following qualifications:

  1. A minimum of a Masters’ degree in Economics, Statistics, Business Administration, Monitoring Evaluation and Learning or any other related field.
  2. A minimum of 3 years of Monitoring Evaluation and Learning experience with Non-Government Organizations especially in the field of advocacy, food security and agricultural projects.

  3. Knowledge and understanding of quantitative and qualitative evaluation methodologies
  4. Proficient user of statistic software such as STATA and SPSS
  5. Excellent analytical, presentation, and report writing skills.
  1. Experience and Technical Competencies
  1. Ability to identify and communicate key information in an easy to understand and collaborative manner.

  2. Experience in working with teams to collect and analyze information, identifying lessons learned to serve as a feedback tool to incorporate in activity implementation plans.

  3. Experience in database administration and management / Management Information Systems

  4. Experience in electronic data capture, knowledge in KOBO collect, ODK and related electronic data collection platforms is an added advantage

  5. Ability to translate log frames and results frameworks into monitoring plans, developing data collection tools and protocols, leading data collection and management processes, designing and managing databases, and analyzing data.
  6. Ability to portray complex datasets in easy-to-understand formats including visualizations. Experience with Info graphics and other visual tools is an added advantage.

  7. Experience in designing, implementing and managing project performance Monitoring and Evaluation Plans

  8. Experience in using software applications such as Excel and statistics software such as SPSS, STATA.
  1. Interpersonal skills
  1. Strong interpersonal and communication skills and ability to work under pressure to meet tight deadlines.
  2. Ability work as a team leader or team member with minimum supervision
  3. Ability to pay attention to important details
  1. Duration, Location and Nature of Appointment

The appointment will be long term subject to donor funding and satisfactory annual staff appraisal. The Head of M&E will serve six months of probation and will be based at the PMC office currently located at Caritas Uganda Offices in Kampala.

  1. How to Apply

Interested qualified candidates should submit application letters together with detailed Curriculum Vitae including three referees from previous places of work and copies of academic and professional certificates, not later than 5:00pm on 25th June 2020. The applications should either be sent by email to or hand delivered to:

The PMC Coordinator

Uganda Governance and Poverty Alleviation Program

Caritas Uganda, Uganda Catholic Secretariat,

Plot 672, Hanlon Road, Nsambya Hill,

P.O Box 2886,

Kampala – Uganda.